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Baby Brush- Set of 3:

Wooden Comb, Wooden Bristle Brush, and Wooden Natural Goat Hair Brush.


WOODEN COMB- Helps detangle knotted hair.


NATURAL GOAT HAIR BRUSH - Prevents and treats cradle cap. The brush distributes natural scalp oils throughout your baby's hair and is super gentle on the baby's delicate skin.


WOODEN BRISTLE BRUSH - The wooden bristles stimulate your baby's sensitive scalp and help relax your baby.


● This personalized Baby Brush set makes the perfect gift for a baby shower or newborn gift, plus you can keep as an heirloom in a memory box

● These are small enough to fit in any bag or purse and come engraved with your child's name. 

Engraving is burned into the wood and is permanent. It wont ever peel like vinyl stickers or paint.


$29 per set plus tax.


All orders must be pre-paid online


Porch Pickup at 1465 Rosely Road in St. Marys.
Pickup instructions will be sent when your order is ready.


Personalized Baby Brush Set

Excluding Sales Tax
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